What is your Paper Footprint?


Reveal the hidden costs of printing and the impact on sustainability

Many businesses and organisations have very high office paper consumption. Frequently the full costs of print management are not fully monitored or understood and represent a significant business overhead cost as well as contributing to carbon emissions.

When you add to this, that organisations are increasingly being encouraged to report and reduce paper consumption within their ISO14001 Environmental Management System metrics, the need for action has never been more timely.



Why businesses are cutting their paper consumption

  • Saving costs
  • Reducing unnecessary waste
  • Improving business efficiency
  • Engaging staff in wider sustainability initiatives

Do you know...

... a £30,000 pa salaried employee costs about 30p per minute, so time spent printing, fixing print related problems, filing etc. are significant hidden costs in your business


The Solutions

1. Paper Healthcheck

  • Assessment of you printing costs 
  • Onsite review of your print management
  • Actionable report
  • Cost saving ideas & recommendations

2. Print Management Tools

  • Software tools
  • Control printing
  • Monitor user behaviours
  • Identify Hot Spots 

3. E-Learning Tools

  • Engage staff
  • Educate about wider cost impacts
  • Learn about alternatives to printing
  • Continuous Professional Development (CPD)



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